What is the Future of the Burger?

Not only is a fresh burger a tasty meal to have, but it’s also a cooking tradition that’s the center of a lot of communal activities like barbecues or cookouts. Unfortunately, a diet high in red meat such as beef, pork and lamb could cause an increased risk of colon cancer.¬†Also, the meat and dairy industry leaves a large carbon footprint, so not eating beef can be an easy way to lower your carbon footprint. Fortunately, science may have found a solution, so read on to learn the future of the burger.

The Real Future of the Burger

Although the idea of making a plant-based burger is not new, making one that is identical in almost every way is, and scientists have done just that. Seasoned meat-eaters can tell a veggie burger from a real burger, but these new burgers are almost indistinguishable for many. Two companies have taken the lead in this brand new field of futuristic burgers, Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat.

The Beyond Burger

The Beyond Burger is like it’s advertised, it’s a veggie-based patty that cooks and tastes like the real thing. But it has additional benefits in that since it’s not meat-based, its carbon footprint is much smaller than a real burger. In fact, it has more protein than a real burger. A four-ounce Beyond Burger patty has 20 grams of protein, but a four-ounce regular burger patty has about 16 grams of protein. So not only is it delicious, but it’s also nutritious.

The Impossible Burger

To be frank, The Impossible Burger is similar to The Beyond Burger as it will cook and taste like a real burger but it has none of the side effects and will also be more nutritious. However, the unique thing about The Impossible Burger is that there’s a secret ingredient in it that will make the burger “bleed” like a real burger patty would when you cook it. This can make The Impossible Burger all the more convincing to meat-lovers around the world.

How to Try Them

If you think these miracle foods are going to be too expensive for regular people to try, think again. Fast food chains are already creating specialty burgers they’ve based on these patties and they won’t cost much more than a regular burger. So if you’re curious about them or if you think you can tell the difference between a regular burger and these futuristic burgers, head to one of those places and taste them yourself. If you love them, then you’ll be doing your body and the planet a favor.

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