4 Simple Tips to Help You Achieve the Perfect Stubble Beard

The stubble beard is a popular look for men these days, and it’s no surprise to scientists. According to this study, women find men with a consistent covering of facial hair to be more sexually attractive than their patchy counterparts. There’s a fine line to walk here because maintaining a proper length takes continuous effort. This beard style takes many shapes and forms, but for the best results, a heavier and well-kept stubble is best.

1. One Size Does Not Fit All

To perfect your look and make it unique, you have to experiment with your facial hair to discover what suits you best. There’s no one size fits all here. The look you achieve is ultimately how you want to be perceived. Research suggests that a medium length and uniformity can be the most attractive. However, a full and saturated beard can accomplish the same goal.

However, it can also make you look more capable of bearing and raising offspring. What you want to avoid is a clean babyface, the “barely there” stubble beard, and the full-on Gandalf beard. Keep reading to learnĀ a few easy tips to crush your look.

2. Get a Quality Trimmer With Adjustable Lengths

Investing in a high-quality trimmer makes it easier to cultivate and support a specific look. A lot of beard trimmers are just hair clippers and might not offer that fine-tuned precision you need. A quality stubble beard trimmer will have narrower adjustments and heads that contour your face. These will sport smaller millimeter increments that make it easier to maintain the perfect length.

Other desirable features to look out for are a cordless and waterproof design. The option to trim with a wet face is something else to look for if you groom after a shower. The ConairMAN Super Stubble Ultimate Flexhead Trimmer is a good example, but find one that meets your budget and taste.

3. Adopt a New Routine to Soften and Moisturize

Beards of any length can get itchy. Just as a clean face can irritate your skin, an itchy and coarse beard can be a nuisance, too. With constant trimming, beards can perpetually have split and sharp ends. Dehydration, diet and hygienic practices can also affect how dry and rough your face can be.

It’s a good idea to shampoo and condition your beard along with whatever covers the top of your head. Using a moisturizer can help remedy the scratch, but finding one that also softens your beard is a great feature to look for in a product. A brush designed for stubble beards can be a handy tool that is portable and easy to use.

4. Keep the Neckline Tidy

This is optional and depends on the look you want to achieve. Facial hair that goes from your chin and merges into your chest might not be what screams “lady’s man.” If you have a good trimmer and razor, this is easy. However, it requires more effort on your part because it’s something you must do more regularly.

It’s worth a shot in your facial experimentation. Try different stopping points along your neck and find a method that suits your grooming time allocations. Or, forget it altogether. It’s your choice.

There are many reasons to adopt the stubble beard look, and you may prefer it to daily shaving or a longer beard. Women might find you more attractive, too. Also, it’s easy to implement these tips into your daily routine. A good trimmer with some trial and error could be all that’s necessary to start a stubble practice. Hygiene and additional products can give you an upper hand, but it all comes down to preference.

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